Maha Jouini is a Pan African Author , AI and new technology  expert , She is working as Artificial intelligence executive director at African.. [Read more..]

Maha Jouini - Tunisia

Founder and excutive director of ACAIT

Computer Sciences Graduate , Started his Career as a volunteer a tech enthusiast founded the Google Developer Group El Tarf at his City.. [Read more..]

Sami AISSAOUI – Algeria

Head of communication departement

Pan African youth activist , Graduated from Bluecrest University College in the field of Tourist management.. [Read more..]

Gabriel Gerrald Johnson – Liberia

Head of web development and management department

Young activist and researcher in law and policies of the African Union. Obtained a bachelor degree in public law and international relations [Read more..]

Manel Ben Ammar - Tunisia

Founder and excutive director of ACAIT

Student of Informatics and Business Management and Secretary for Planning, Research and Statistics of the African.. [Read more..]

Varzini Pascoal – Angola

Researcher assistant

Young activist and blogger, He holds a bachelor degree in Arabic littérature from the modern Chinguetti.. [Read more..]

Med Salem Mohamed Abdellah - Mauritania

Translator and Arabic proof Reader