Sabrine Chennaoui , CEO and co-founder of MONSAPO, holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Marketing from the Mediterranean School of Business.
She has 5 years of relevant experience in marketing /communication and in civil society.
This in-depth knowledge of communication ,community mobilization, coaching and training entrepreneurs as well as project management skills that she acquired working with NGO’s and European funded project as horizon Europe, has enabled her to launch her own project today which is in line with her principles  and the added value she wants to create in society.
Monsapo, a startup where Sabrine and her team are producing a line of green cleaning products. Our goal is to help people and professionals like hotels, guest houses, private health care units and restaurants integrating ecological products into their cleaning process with efficient results and with best price. Their products are ecological, they have formulas integrating hazardous and non-hazardous waste that we purify by extracting their natural ressources.
The Tunisian start-up has looked at this thread as an opportunity to create a solution for two problems. It will use waste from cooking oil and wood ashes to create ecological cleaning products that will improve the quality of life of their customers and protect the environment from the pollution. Its proposal is also tackling the fact that the market is overwhelmed by toxic detergents, which not only present a danger to our health, but also pollute the water ecosystems, which is key for the 70% of the oxygen production.
Innovation really refers to an imaginative way of dealing with change. It is about generating new ideas, carrying out research and development, improving processes or renewing products and services. On another level, innovation also refers to a mindset in your business; a state where your staff, whether working in the administrative offices or on the shop floor, is always aiming for continuous improvement and constantly thinking of solutions that think outside the box.