During the program of Tech-entrepreneurs , African Center for AI and Digital Technology invited Tanaka A NDONGERA to lead a training session in Digital marketing , where He spotlight the The impact of digital marketing in the world of entrepreneurship.

Tanaka is a Malaria Youth Army Champion community member who works as a Volunteer of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) Chaired by President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. Tanaka has worked with Students and Youth Working on Reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT) organization as a Resource Centre Minder, Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation (MYSAR) as a Youth Development Officer. Additionally, he also is the Co-founder of Zimbabwe Youth Champions for Agenda 2063 (ZYCA2063), and is currently the National Coordinator ofAfrican Students for Liberty (ASFL) in Zimbabwe and having been advocating and advancing for free markets economies, individual liberty and free society towards a freer future. As an advocate, Tanaka engages with young men and women in addressing the problems they face with the new social practices that aim to meet social needs in a better way than the existing solutions. While in that regard he plans, organize and coordinate seminars, conferences and symposiums on leadership, peace, liberty, entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe and Africa. He has gained greater knowledge and experience within the field of peace, liberty, governance and entrepreneurship. Tanaka is also a member of Zimbabwe Young Ambassadors which works towards capacitating young people with a variety of knowledge and exchange through diplomacy. Tanaka is an Entrepreneur, Communication and Public Relations Expert and is a socially engaged activist since 2017, in the promotion of inclusion of Youth in Public Governance, gender equality, Sustainable Development, culture of Integrity and Peace Building.

Every entrepreneur today is required to understand the basics of digital marketing and how to communicate through these platforms, which have become part of our reality.

The wonderful thing about digital marketing is that you do not need to study and train for months to benefit from it, because even a simple service provider such as a “plumber” can, with a simple search, create a page for him on Facebook and put his number on it and some pictures that show his skill, and thus he has taken advantage of marketing digital to attract more customers.

We define Digital Marketing as : the application of general principles in the science of marketing through the use of modern technology tools, especially the Internet, and it is also Digital Marketingthetactics and strategies that are used to convert the target customer that you do not see with your eyes to a buyer.

Through digital marketing, the customer can be reached in innovative and modern ways such as E-Mail, SMS text messages, mobile applications, instant messaging, social networking sites, search engines…etc.

Marketing through the Internet is the most important and largest grower of digital marketing, but it still falls under digital marketing and is not synonymous with it, as digital marketing goes beyond the idea of ​​marketing on the Internet to include under its banner everything related to modern technology.

For example, SMS marketing can be achieved whether the phone is connected to the Internet or not, and it belongs to digital marketing.

Digital marketing does not refer only to modern communication technology, but also to the technological devices used (such as smartphones, Internet-connected televisions), and to the digital platforms used (such as smartphone applications).

Digital marketing is concerned with business operations based on the concept of “E-CRM”, which is an abbreviation of the term Electronic Customer Relationship Management, which means electronic customer relationship management, by studying the market, searching for new customers, serving existing and old customers, and giving customers the opportunity to contribute to Development of products and services offered.

From here we understand that the new marketing theory adopted by digital marketing relies on modern digital technology to meet the needs of customers, achieve the goals ofthe organization, develop existing markets and open new markets, and thus achieve a huge increase in profits.