Launching The first Tech entrepreneurship training

African Center for AI and digital Technology in partnership with African Rebirth Foundation are launching the “Tech- entrepreneurship” .We are pleased to inform our community about to the first virtual cohort training in Tech Entrepreneurship from April 15th to May 14th, 2022.The training aims to empower 21 young African leaders in the field of Tech business and helping them to know how to create the technology and reach the target market.

The trainees are going to have classes and lectures in : writing business proposal , pitching clients , communication ,Trainer of trainers , Basic concepts of digital economy ,How to design a successful project in the African context , Design thinking , Introduction to AI and new Technology and human resources management.

We define Technology Entrepreneurship or Technological Entrepreneurship as the art or process of innovating and imminence assets and products for major return of profit in business. New and unique combinations of innovation are the result of Technological Entrepreneurship.

African Center for AI and digital Technology is hosting African experts and inspiring leaders to share their experiences with young people, and mentor them ,because we believe in the values of participatory education and training.