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Maha Jouini is a Pan African Author , AI and new technology expert , She is working as Artificial intelligence executive director at African ICT Foundation and she is also Regional executive director at Africa Chamber of digital commerce. based in Nouakchott Mauritania. She is the Tunisian Ambassador of African Union Campaign to promote the protocol of Free movement of person in Africa . So far , She joined Youlead summit as a delegate representing North Africa to champion the ACFTA goals and objectives . Master holder from Tianjin University of Science and Technology ( China)  in the field of  Artificial intelligence and its application . Maha served widely In branding Africa in China and she joined DUAPA Africa...


A section specialized in presenting the best and most recent sources from which we derive our various information, and they represent the main pillar of our research, in addition to field samples and direct studies.


A section specialized in presenting the latest research that we have done at the center, through which we dealt with many topics of interest to Africa in terms of the technical aspect


The African Continental Free Trade Area is an ambitious trade pact to form the world’s largest free trade area by connecting almost 1.3bn people across 54 African countries.

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